Jurassic World Scavenger Hunt

jurassic world scavenger poster.png

If you saw my poster or presentation at OLA Child and Youth Expo…thank you for visiting! Here are all the details about the SCAVENGER HUNT ON STEROIDS if you wanted more information.

Well scavenger hunt might not be the best term, but it was the coolest and most concise.

The process to get to the end first and obtain the prize (donated Tim Horton’s gift cards) involved a combination of a scavenger hunt and a treasure hunt–with an overlay of dinosaurs obviously.

In celebration of the movie release (two days before it opened actually), I held a teen library program at our combination library facility (public library within a secondary school) that was narrative based on a Jurassic Park situation:

The Jurassic World theme park has brought a dinosaur and some of their research to the school as part of an outreach program. But the dinosaur is on the loose! You have to get together with your team to survive the dino rampage through the library and be the first to get to the designated safe room.

dino3Teens then got into groups and had to progress through a variety of challenges. The first was obtaining a tote bag to carry any items they had to collect in certain sections of the library. I was very careful to keep from too much traffic in the different challenges. This added layer was a bit more work (making sure than everyone completed all the challenges but there were no more than two groups at each station at one time), but it definitely helped since we had 19 teens participating in the program that included 18 challenges both inside and outside!


The teens also had to put on “role badges” that included dino expert, tough guy/gal, tech master, survivalist, and Jurassic Park owner. Some challenges could only be completed by the person with a specific job (i.e.-only the dino expert could pick out which dino matched the dino tracks according to the guide sheet).

A few challenges had to be completed correctly to even lead the team to the next challenge (i.e.-pick out the right type of water that is safe for drinking to be lead to the next challenge). Then, some challenges involved more complicated tasks with time bonuses for completing it better than the other teams–such as creating an SOS on the front lawn out of various materials that could be found in the library or in the school and making a camouflage shield. I also made sure that there were physical challenges since I think that many teens respond positively to something a little different than a standard sit-down program. For example, the tough guy/gal had dino1to do 10 push-ups and complete and obstacle course.

Then, to make things even more interesting (since this was supposed to take place during a real-life dino rampage of the library), each teen had to have a cloth strip hanging from a belt loop–a la flag football. When I pulled down my T-Rex mask, I was no longer a friendly librarian but a dangerous dino. If I pulled the cloth strip from one of the teens, they were “injured.” This situation left the team with a choice–they could take a 10 minute time penalty by leaving the person behind OR they could “handcuff it” by another teammate volunteering their cloth strip and then the “injured” and volunteer would be tied to each other by the wrist until the end of the game. We played by old school Jurassic Park rules though–stay still so the T-Rex can’t see you.mask

The teens LOVED this aspect of the scavenger hunt. In fact one boy loved trying to outrun me since I didn’t T-Rex myself until we were outside. He definitely succeeded though. Don’t underestimate the speed and stamina of a 16 year old! The rest simply enjoyed laughing at me and at each other. I can’t tell you how amazing it was to hear so many teens laughing their butts off at something that wasn’t a dirty joke.

While this program required more work than ANY other I had done previously (and more than any I’ve done since actually), I was SO worth it. In order to have a scavenger/treasure hunt with a variety of challenges, planning ahead is key. You should also chart out where everyone will be at each step of the game.

Three times the work = Three times the reward.

I will never forget this awesomesauce program.


And Now For Something Completely Different

and now for something

Funny Monty Python reference aside…I have decided that it is time to change things up.

My calling as a librarian is starting to take up so much of my time and my passion. While I still love YA literature very very much (finally getting around to Westerfeld’s newest called Zeroes), I think that this blog could use a shift.

Even though I’m going to continue to post about YA literature, it is time to expand my posts to talk about some of the other types of YA awesomesauce in my life–like my teen library programs. I put a great deal of work into these programs and related teen services, and I feel that they are their own form of amaze-balls.

Posting about these programs and services (along with YA lit) can help me better see outside responses for them and hopefully help teen librarians and youth advocates with their own programs too.

Hope you like the new posts!


YA Fairy Tales – Red Riding Hood Crafts!

What would Red Riding Hood be without her cape?

Bringing this fairy tale and most of the modern YA retellings is as simple as making a red riding hood of your own.

Now, I know what you’re thinking…help! I can’t sew! You don’t have to be left out just because you can’t sew though!

(rhyme not intended)

There are two options for no-sew red cloaks:

red hood cloakred hood cloak video

If you feel up to actually sewing your own cape, here are two options for the hardcore costume makers:

red hood - sew2red hood - sew1

There you have it folks! Cool cloaked fun!

YA Halloween! Pumpkin Awesomesauce

To end zombie week and say goodbye to a lovely Halloween season, I decided to take things to level-amazing! Here are some really great pumpkins that are made around some YA classics (new and old)!


Hunger Games

(get revved up for Catching Fire in a few weeks)!

hunger games pumpkin1

hunger games pumpkin2


The Hobbit

(Desolation of Smaug is just around the corner)!

hobbit pumpkin1

Hobbit Pumpkin2


The Walking Dead

(The latest episode is actually starting NOW…So get to watching on AMC)!

walking dead pumpkin1

walking dead pumpkin2

Dun dun dunnnnnnn!

Please note that there will be no posts this week. I have a bazillion assignments and work to do this week. Also, I want to use this week to ramp things up for my end of October plan.

The plan is……..




I decided to embrace zombies for this Halloween with zombie books and movies. Therefore, next week and the week of Halloween will be focus on the walking dead. Buckle up and get ready!



Awesomesauce Update!

Hey everyone!

I just wanted to give a heads up on the current blogging plan. It’s reading week and I have a ridiculous amount of work to catch up on. This means that I won’t be posting any blogs this week.


I feel that the other three weeks of this month would be perfect to honor The Hunger Games. Since Catching Fire is being released on November 22nd, the blogs will embrace the predominant topics of the trilogy and will cover read-alikes.


I have tickets for the 8pm premiere of Catching Fire on November 21st! Therefore, I will be doing a review as soon as I get back home to let everyone know how it is.

(I mean come on. The source material is amazing so at the very least it will be good if not GREAT.)


Check back next week for The Hunger Games Celebration!

catching fire portraits

An update note to my YA lit peeps

Hey guys,

Just to explain what is going on this week…

I am moving on the 1st, which means packing needs to start now if I don’t want to kill myself in the process. I’ve decided to extend the guy lit theme to be this week and next week. There will only be one post a day until after I get settled though. Thanks for reading!