YA Fairies – Silent Orchids

Not all fairy-based YA literature has to be on the level of other popular YA. In fact, there are some (like the O.R. Melling books previously covered) that like to embrace a more traditional view of fairy folklore. These options normally have several links to the Celtic traditions of fairies and little people.


The book Silent Orchids by Morgan Wylie is definitely in this stream. However, it takes things in a different direction. Rather than just embracing an ancient story and modifying it for the modern world, she actually uses some elements from the fairy tradition and then just implements them in her own version of the modern world.


It follows the story of a girl named Kaeleigh who was abandoned as a child and is about to turn 18. As she reaches this age of adulthood, she feels the pull to find her family and unravel secrets of her past. She travels with her two best friends Chel and Finn as she tries to reach the fairy realm of her birth, Alandria. Also, the book looks into the Ferrishyn fairy warrior Deagan as he is on a mission that could change the fate of Alandria. The two tales intertwine beautifully as Wylie certainly has a gift for writing and for lovely yet realistic descriptions. The overall feel is very dark and adventurous, making this a great fairy book for guys and girls who prefer more beefy action.

silent orchids


Bring It to Life (BITL)!


Make your own paper orchid.


The symbolism of the orchid is a very important part of this book (duh). Therefore, a paper orchid craft project can be a great way to embrace the novel.


There are actually several ways to create a paper orchid since the flower is rather unique in its appearance.


I personally like the written (with picture assistance) directions from Lia Griffith’s DIY site. My preference for this source is that there are plenty of photos of finalized paper orchids and ideas for how to use them. The step by step instructions and pictures make it easy to follow too.






Also, there is a nice YouTube video of a rather simple paper orchid. It is more along the lines of an origami orchid than the Lia Griffith cutting-craft version. This orchid is actually really quick and simple too.




paper orchid1


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