YA Fairies – Dark Promise

Aaaaand we’re back!


This one is definitely a good choice too. It is called Dark Promise by Julia Crane and Talia Jager. The book was just released last year and has inspired its own book series called Between Worlds. It is a classic example of YA fairy literature mixed with romance.


Basically, the story follows Rylie who feels that everything is going great as she approaches her 16th birthday. However, just before she turns 16, Rylie discovers her life is not what she thought. Her actual mother is revealed to be a fairy and she warns Rylie that on her birthday she will come into her powers. She even will have a change in appearance which she can keep hidden from humans but not from other fairies.


To make matters worse, it turns out Rylie’s birth father promised her to the prince of dark fairies named Kallan. The dark fairies are therefore after her to fulfill the deal. Buckle up for a fun adventure laced with plenty of fairy romance.

dark promise


Bring It to Life (BITL)!

Fairy Make-up – Just in time for Halloween!


One of the coolest aspects of Rylie’s transformation into a fairy involves her appearance. Specifically, her facial marking seem really amazing to me. With this in mind, fairy make-up is the perfect way to honor the novel. Not being very gifted with specialty make-up tools myself (mostly because I don’t have a very steady hand which leads to problems in pretty designs or even basic things like eyeliner), I think we need to outsource to a professional for this one.


Here is a link to my personal favorite YoutTube tutorial for fairy make-up. Also, I think that the end result would be rather close to Rylie’s look.



fairy makeup


For those who are more inclined to read their instructions (this is a literary blog after all), here is a link to a step by step tutorial for fairy make-up in written form as well.



fairy makeup 2


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