YA Fairies – The Faerie Path

Obviously, most fairy literature is actually targeted toward teen girls. This fact means that girls are the protagonists and tend to be main characters—which is another reason why I thought it would be a good follow up on so much guy lit!


Keeping with this tradition (and more hardcore Irish mythology and folklore) is The Faery Path series by Allan Frewin Jones. The original book series was not believed to be very successful. However, it was released at just the right time to sync up with the fairy YA lit boom. Several new covers were therefore created and another book was released, dividing part of the 4th book then extending upon it. I actually bought these books while this transition was taking place and believe me it was totally confusing to grab what I assumed was a new release in the series to read the end part of what was “my fourth book.” Honestly, it was insane. HOWEVER, the story itself (especially the first book) is great with a very mystical feel embedded with real world elements.


The story begins with a girl named Anita in the modern human realm who has memories of a world she shouldn’t know about and does not seem to fit in. Later she discovers she is actually a reincarnation of a Faerie princess named Tania. Upon this discovery, she becomes torn between the world in which she was raised and the world she is supposed to belong. Also, she is in the middle of a plot that could overthrow the entire Faerie realm.





Bring It to Life (BITL)!


Moon Pocket Craft


Magic, especially emphasis on the moon and stars, plays a large role in all the books of The Faery Path series—the main character is after all the daughter of King Oberon and Queen Titania.


Embracing the moon in this simple craft can link to the story in a very delicate way. It also creates a handy pocket carrier for jewelry, change, or other shiny things that seem to attract the “little people” of Celtic folklore.



2 Colors of Felt

Sequins, buttons, beads


Embroidery thread

Cotton balls or cotton stuffing



  1. Cut out two full circles from the felt from one of the colors. Then, in the other color, cut a semi-circular half moon shape.
  2. On the half moon, sew on any sequins, buttons, or beads in any design you like. Items can be glued if you want but know that you need to be extra careful with glue and felt. The glue can dry and make the felt look weird if it overflows from the bedazzled piece.
  3. Sew partially around the circular felt to hold the two circles together. Stuff the partially closed circle with the cotton to fill as much as desired.
  4. Put the decorated half moon circle against the unsewn portion of the stuffed full circle. Sew the full circle closed while attaching the half moon pocket.

moon pocket 1moon pocket 2


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