YA Fairies – The Hunter’s Moon

The new theme for this week and next week is….


Since the fairy theme almost won during the last poll, I thought it would be suitable for the blogs of this week and the next as I didn’t have time to arrange a poll last week. I also wanted to note that the semester has officially started—meaning the posts won’t necessarily be as frequent. Yet, I will be trying to fit two to three posts into every week.


We will start off with what is probably one of my favorite fairy authors though—O.R. Melling.

Her YA stories focus greatly on implementing modern twists within traditional Irish and Celtic folklore. Honestly, the majority of her best work is basically narrative forms of these older stories.


The notable series completed by Melling is known as The Chronicles of the Faerie. The first book, The Hunter’s Moon, starts off the series with a bang and is probably my favorite in the long run. It follows two teenage cousins as they set out to find a magic doorway to the Faraway Country (land of faeries), where humans must bow to the little people. The writing has an easy flow and is very mystical. Yet, it is best for older teens and those with elevated reading levels since the wording and vocabulary can be a bit heavy for younger and struggling readers.

hunters moon



Bring It to Life (BITL)!


Make fairy wings!

Not all of the Fae throughout the literature and even the works of Melling have wings. Yet, in The Hunter’s Moon, the little people are described as having very large gossamer wings. They are even shown that way on the book’s cover.


There are actually several ways to make the wings. Therefore, I decided to simply gather the best links to the best fairy wing projects. Check them out to find one that suits your desires and skill level.

Wire Fairy Wings

Simple Fairy Wings from Old Tights

No Sew Fairy Wings (for those not craft with a needle)

fairy wings 1 fairy wings 2 fairy wings 3


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