YA Zombies: Warm Bodies

While there was a little bit of romance in The Forest of Hands and Teeth, it certainly took a back seat. Therefore, I thought I would shake things up with a zombie story where the romance is in the forefront. Obviously, the best example in my opinion is Warm Bodies by Isaac Marion.


The book draws multiple parallels to Romeo and Juliet, and it is obvious that integrating the Shakespeare classic was the main original goal. I mean the main guy’s name is R while the main girl is Julie. Yet, despite the foundation in this tragic romance, things move away greatly from there. The basic arrangement is a zombie named R falling in love with a human named Julie. Now, how R falls for Julie (whether it is just the connection between them, the fact that R ate the brains of Julie’s now dead boyfriend Perry, or some combination of the two) is unknown. The story goes deeper than this love though. It investigates what it means to be human, what are innate human desires and needs, and how love can heal. There is action, drama, and plenty of comedy intricately woven into the book in addition to the romance. Honestly, it is definitely worth a read. Even those who are not interested in zombies or those not interested in romance can find something they enjoy about it. It has become one of my top 10 favorite books of all time. It is also a quick and easy read—which means you can’t duck out of reading it due to not having enough time!

warm bodies book



Bring It to Life (BITL)!


Watch Warm Bodies!


The novel was converted into a film in 2013. While it did not get a great deal of promotion or widespread notice, the movie is truly amazing. It is actually one of the better book-to-movie conversions. The film holds true to most of the original novel with a few exceptions to make it fit better with the movie format. However, it is incredibly true to the novel. Almost all of the major themes and events are part of it. The only super difference is that the movie decided to enhance and work more with the comedic aspects of Warm Bodies, particularly R’s inner monologue. Despite this shift, I think it makes the film work even better. Get everyone together for a viewing!

warm bodies poster

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