YA Classics – Modern Editions: Harry Potter

Many feel that the term ‘classic’ is meant to be applied to older works. I’ve even meet several people who think that a classic work of literature with proper ‘literary merit’ has to be at least 50 years old. Obviously, being a lover of YA lit, I have argued with these people until I turned blue in the face. I tried to explain that just because something is old does not mean it is classic. There is plenty of crap literature in the stacks of libraries across the nation that are at least 50 years old. The opposite is true too. There is a great deal of amazing literature that is relatively brand new.

I feel that the majority of YA classics actually do fall into this category. YA lit was not taken seriously until the last decade or so, and it still faces opponents every day. At least publishers have recognized the buying power of teens and the wide appeal of good YA literature since many adults (ahem…me and plenty others) love an awesome story just as much as anyone. Yet, the source of this shift arguably came with one of the greatest books of all time that happened to be targeted toward juveniles and young adults.


Just those two words can inspire joy, passion, and extreme fandom. It was really the first book (beginning with Philosopher’s/Sorcerer’s Stone) to show great YA lit was possible, and it did fill a need. Before that time (and somewhat still today) people claimed that teens just didn’t want to read. Harry Potter proved them wrong. They wanted to read, but they didn’t find books that they were passionate about! The Harry Potter series helped an entire generation learn how amazing books could be if the genre was supported. It is a modern YA classic without a doubt.


Bring It to Life (BITL)!

Harry Potter crafts are some of the coolest and fun projects. They are very popular too. Many sites support these items. I simply couldn’t choose from them! Here is a link to my compiled Pinterest board of some of the best Harry Potter crafts, recipes, and several websites which have collected them.

YA Awesomesauce HP Crafts Pinterest Board


One thought on “YA Classics – Modern Editions: Harry Potter

  1. Jeyna Grace says:

    True, the right books can make you want to read.

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